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The Tobacco body

Tobacco Body

So what are the risks to your health? Many people knows that smoking can cause health problems. Often impacts of smoking can go unseen for many years. Sadly over 100,000 people die from a smoking related disease, mainly due to cancer, heart disease and lung problems. However this page will show you that smoking tobacco products can impact the whole body. Click on the link for Tobacco Body to find a fantastic webpage produced by Cancer Society of Finland.

This page isn’t designed to scare you into quitting but aims to present information for you that is evidenced based and unbiased. If you are concerned about your health then we have Specialist Advisers, who are ex-smokers themselves, who can chat to you. Please call 0300 421 0040 for advice.

Gloucestershire NHS Stop Smoking Service

Stop Smoking Team

We are an award winning team of friendly advisers here to help advise you on your stop smoking journey. Whether you are thinking of quitting, are well on your way or are finding it difficult, we are here to help give you the advice and support that you need at every step. 

  • Friendly non-judgemental support. Many of our advisers are ex-smokers themselves.
  • A 12 week course of medication and support to help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • A support package is designed to suit you
  • Sessions last 20-30 minutes for first appointment and 10-15 minutes after
  • Face to face or telephone consultations.
  • 1:1 or group support
  • The most effective way to quit (70%+ success rate at 4 weeks)
  • One of the most cheapest way to quit (compared to buying stop smoking medication). We provide medication on prescription so the maximum you will pay is £29.10 for a 12 week course
  • We have our award winning Quit Stop Shop in Southgate Street, Gloucester, open seven days a week
  • We also run clinics throughout Gloucestershire. You can find a map of these different clinics here

To speak to one of our team call us on 0300 421 0040 or why not drop in to the Quit Shop on Southgate Street, Gloucester.


Social support

The best thing about our job is seeing people achieve something they never felt possible. Each person who quits has their own story to tell about how quitting has benefited them. No need for us to tell you them, far better to hear the stories for yourself…

I am now on the 10th non smoking week. I have had no problems because I wanted to give up. Food tastes good and I can smell everything including flowers. I just want to tell everyone how they will feel.Sue

I came to the Quit Stop Shop in January. The girls were great. I stopped smoking then and not one since. Try hard and you can do it! – Frank, Gloucester

I had been smoking for nearly 50 years and as a result developed serious health problems related directly to smoking. Thanks to the staff at the Stop Smoking Service who were very supportive I have now quit for good.Stefan, Gloucester

Passing by the Quit Stop today I had to let staff know that it is 5 years since I quit with the service. THANK YOU. Sylvia

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